FS-3 FeatherLight Face Shield Kit (with extra shields)

Amdrecor Face Shield Kit
  • Item #: FS-3
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Price $35.00

FS-3 FeatherLight Face Shield Kit includes one (1) head frame three (3) standard reusable face shields.

Amdrecor's FeatherLight Series Face Shields provide lightweight (only two ounces), inexpensive full facial protection from infection-causing spray, blood borne pathogens, splatter and debris. Face Shields are compliant with OSHA Regulation 29CFR 1910.1030.

They are the most comfortable shields on the market as proven by over 100,0000 users in the healthcare field. The head frame is designed for vertical air flow to eliminate fogging and provides unobstructed panoramic vision. Four shields are available: two standard shields, a re-usable model and a lighter, less expensive disposable model plus two large size shields for added protection. All shield models below fit the same head frame. 

FeatherLight Face Shield Kit Features:

  • Economical
  • Lightweight (only 2 ounces)
  • Slip-on
  • Sturdy and Comfortable
  • Reusable Face Shields
  • Anti-Fog Design
  • Sterilizable (cold or gas)
  • Panoramic, Unobstructed View


 Note: All Face Shields are shipped with a protective film that must be removed before using.